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Congratulations to our Final 30! This has been our most competitive year to date, with a grand total of 1,500 short plays entered. Our submissions hailed from all over North America and other various regions of the globe. Every script was given serious consideration, with each play receiving 2 – 6 reads by various adjudicators during our extensive and exhaustive reading process. We are excited to see all of these 30 short plays receive full productions during our festival week this August!

Thank you to everyone who submitted this year. With such an array of talented playwrights, these decisions are never easy, and we wish we could present many more short plays. We encourage all playwrights out there to submit next year!

Check out the list of the final 30 plays here, and be sure to visit this site over the next two and a half months as we gear up to the festival. We will be sharing OOB history, interviews with our playwrights, and a behind the scenes look at New York City’s premiere short play festival.